The Westminster School (TWS) in Dubai

We were contacted by a representative from The Westminster School (TWS) in Dubai.

TWS is the Middle East’s first, and to date only, ‘Centre of Excellence in Sustainability and Climate Change Learning’ and holds impressive green credentials. Their school partnered with eduCCate Global and achieved the related Bronze and Silver Awards in record time, making it the largest school in the world to have achieved this status. A total of 292 TWS teachers and leaders are now UN-certified Climate Change Teachers.

We were asked to speak at their Green Souq- Sustainable Solutions Conference in June 2021. The conference was a TWS Climate change initiative to source sustainable solutions from industry experts who are creating a change to make this world a better place to live. The aim was to encompass sustainable solutions that can be adopted at individual level to create a larger impact in the society as a whole.

Green Leader and form tutor Radhika Iyer said “Ms. Anna Pitt opened by discussing the impact of what people eat. She outlined that the food and farming industry is the third largest contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions and that rethinking domestic food waste is the easiest climate action that can be taken by an individual. She then recommended three ways to reduce food waste. Our community had many takeaways from Ms. Anna’s speech, including many simple green tips.

Green Souq- Sustainable Solutions Conference westminster school

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