Three supermarkets helping to reduce food waste

We’re focusing on Food Waste for this year’s Zero Waste Week, with the theme “Use it up!”

Food waste is a massive problem with one third of food grown on this planet never reaching a human stomach.

It’s not just wasting all this edible food that’s the issue; there’s embedded energy from water, fertilisers and transportation. Add to that the fact that one in nine people around the world go to bed hungry and you’re looking at a moral dilemma too.

Thankfully some supermarkets are addressing the fact that up to 40% of fruit & veg is rejected before it reaches UK shops due to strict cosmetic standards.

Asda are selling ‘wonky veg’ boxes for just £3.50 and here’s a pic of two of them, shared by a couple of our Facebook group participants.

Here’s Alex’s wonky veg box. She wrote “Here’s my ASDA wonky veg box, in case anyone is still considering trying one. Freshness not 100%, and not expecting quality to be up to the standards of the organic boxes we’ve had in the past, but not bad for £3.50 and it’s even got a cucumber.”

We all love a naked cucumber, right?!

Alex wonky veg box asda

And here’s Tatiana’s! She wrote “£3.50 wonky veg box from Asda 🙂 what a bargain! No plastic at all, just lots of lovely veg xx”

Tatiana wonky veg asda box

Heather didn’t share a photo of hers but wrote “Our local asda had the wonky veg box back in today, took one and now have a load of small red onions which I am sure I can use up

Later in the week I was browsing the online Ocado store when I came across their “A Little Less Than Perfect” range of potatoes, carrots, onions and parsnips.

The products were getting rave reviews too! I’d not come across this range before – does anyone know how long they’ve been available?ocado a little less than perfect range

And if that wasn’t enough to get excited about, I had an email from Fiona. She wrote”Look what I found in a Tesco shop! I was so glad to see it and hope the idea takes off.”

tesco perfectly imperfect strawberries

What about you – have you seen other retailers addressing the problem of food waste?

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  1. [email protected] on July 18, 2016 at 6:32 am

    The food waste really is a big problem all around the world. Recently I came up to an article about American farmer, who trolls away almost 30 – 40 % of his production because it doesn’t pass the supermarket standards for beauty :O. I was really shocked of this fact. The fruits and vegetables are still taste even if they have some flaws on the surface.
    I enjoyed reading your post. Thank you!

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