10 simple tips to reduce food waste

Carol Marty is passionate about reducing food waste.

So passionate in fact, she and her friend Karen wrote a book about it!

So who better to ask to write today’s guest blog?

Over to Carol…

I am so happy to be doing a guest blog post for Rae and Zero Waste Week!

This is such a fantastic event to raise awareness and promote doing all that we can reduce waste of all kinds and I’m honored to participate.

Rae asked myself and Karen (the other author of “Every Bite”) to outline some tips readers can implement to reduce food waste, and here is what we came up with!

  1. MENU PLAN!!!

    1. It does take some time, and that is what everyone never seems to have enough of these days, but if you can just set aside some time to sit down and think about what you want to have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner over the next few days, it will not only save you money, but time in the long run (and will be so much healthier).
    2. We get such a great deal of feedback when talking to people at events as to how important menu planning is and how once they really started doing it, they didn’t find it that time consuming at all.
    3. My new favorite thing is to set aside a day on the weekend and make it a “cooking day.” I get 3-4 recipes and make them all in one day; freezing most of it for later in the month. I have to say, while it might be exhausting to do several right in a row, it is SO handy to just grab an already prepared meal out of the freezer.
  2. Buy less/buy what you need.

    1. Really pay attention to what you already have in your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry before you go out and buy.
  3. Bring your own bags for produce and deli items.

  4. Buy your spices in bulk and label/date them.

    1. Even though you’re buying in bulk (and that keeps costs down), keep it within reason and estimate how much you think you would use over the next several months. Refer back to #2!
  5. Cook in groups or with friends to share the work and the recipes. Share your “cooking day” with others!

  6. This might be Karen’s #1 tip: buy those Debbi Meyer Green Bags and use them! They help preserve produce, bread, and just about anything else and that will save you so much money. She swears by them and thinks they are the best thing EVER!

  7. Save your zest!

    1. Roast it in an oven that has been turned off and is cooling down (probably about 15-20min), and grind it to use in marinades, salt blends, salad dressing, cocktail rims, flavored sugars, etc.
  8. Make a gratin or mac and cheese with all those little bits of cheeses in the cheese drawer! So delicious!

  9. Make your own broths, crusts, jams/jellies, and salad dressings if you can.

  10. And last but not least: buy our book! 🙂 (we had to put in one shameless plug!)

Carol Marty is co-author of “Every Bite: How to Make the Most of Your Meals”- a zero waste, sustainability themed cookbook; aimed at singles and couples. The book is available via Amazon, iBook store, Nook, and Kobo www.karenandcaroleverybite.com


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