Top tips for reducing food waste

Are you all having fun this Zero Waste Week!


We live in a multi media society and many people, who are time poor, prefer to watch a video or listen to an audio broadcast.

If that’s describing you then I have a treat for you today!

Kate Arnell is a passionate zero waster/ eco geek.

She’s been living a zero waste lifestyle for a number of years. Her weekly trash is mostly made up of organic waste and is roughly the size of a brown paper bag (20 litres or less). She loves learning to make things from scratch, such as pasta and kombucha or discovering products or places that help her live a zero waste lifestyle more easily.

She set up her site and YouTube Channel ECO BOOST to share all the amazing discoveries she has made, that help her live a zero waste lifestyle, so that you can know about them too.

And in support of Zero Waste Week, she’s put together this fantastic video, outlining all the things she does at Chez Arnell to reduce her food waste.

From shopping to cooking and composting, everything is covered.

Go make yourself a cup of tea and take 15 minutes to learn from Kate then let me know your favourite tip in the comments below:

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