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zero waste week countdown 2 blueOne of our zero heroes pointed out that my home page video could be pretty useless if you’re hard of hearing.

So they took the time to enlist help and write out a transcript, for which I’m very grateful.

For those of you who would benefit, here is a transcript of the welcome video:

Hi and welcome to Zero Waste Week 2013.

This week we’re going to get fresh and juicy in the kitchen, because we’re going to tackle food waste.

It’s such a massive issue, and it’s probably costing you money. So I want you to lock up your food caddies and love your leftovers. The only things that you’re allowed to compost this week is peelings and cores: the stuff that you really can’t eat.

I don’t want to see any brown bananas, any mouldy bread; I don’t want to see any buy-one-get-one-free offers that you can’t get through on time. And I want you to get rid of the word ‘leftovers’ and replace it with ingredients’. So anything you don’t eat today, I want you to think creatively and think “How can I use this ingredient tomorrow?”

So, food waste collections: they’re great, don’t get me wrong. But really, they are the absolute last resort when there’s nothing else you can do with that food.

So this week, get your mind in the idea of reducing, reusing, that kind of stuff.

When you go to the shop, do you really need it, you know, do you really need to get that offer — do you need to go shopping at all? Perhaps you could shop in your cupboards for the week.

So what I want you to do is sign up below, and nearer the time in September I’ll start annoying you in your inbox with ideas and tips and recipes.

And join us on our communities: we’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram at the moment — that’s probably going to grow and evolve as I get round to setting up different channels.

Get your friends involved, get them on board; let’s make it a really massive year, a successful year, and let’s fill our bellies and not our bins.

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