Welcome to Zero Waste Week 2018 – day one!

zero waste wewek 2018 day 1 challenge - your big why

Welcome to the ELEVENTH  annual Zero Waste Week! Our theme this year is ‘Plastic – Unwrapped!’ where we’ll be reducing plastic waste.

Now, I don’t think plastic is the enemy. Let’s face it, you probably enjoy the convenience of buying things in lightweight packaging, plastic helps prolong the life of foods that might perish if they get wet and without our computers and mobile phones, complete with plastic keyboard, you and I wouldn’t be talking right now!

It’s EXCESSIVE use of plastic I’m talking about. It’s the layers upon layers of plastic that is used for packaging where it might be unnecessary. It’s the pointless plastics such as takeaway straws that you don’t need, unless you have a specific health condition. It’s the fact that we use a material designed to last hundreds of years on products designed to last minutes.

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Today I want you to delve a little bit deeper into WHY you should care about plastic waste at all.

Check out these 14 ways our plastic consumption is harming both us and the environment.

Even though we have to know some of the darker sides of the waste issue, I like to focus on the positive, the solutions and the things that make us feel empowered to take action. Let’s be honest, we need to know what’s in it for us, as reducing plastic is a pretty big thing to do. So here are 10 ways reducing plastic will benefit you.

Read these articles then think about your big why.

WHY do you want to take the challenge of reducing plastic in your life?

Is it to preserve resources for future generations, to protect animals, to stop contaminating the planet and yourself, to save money?

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