Welcome to Zero Waste Week 2017 day one – it’s Make it Mend it Monday!

Welcome to Zero Waste Week 2017! The theme is ReThink Your Rubbish.

This year we’ll be focusing on a different topic each day.

We’re kicking off this year with Make it Mend it Monday. Have you got something that needs repairing or a new project you want to get started on? Go and haul it from the cupboard under the stairs and get stuck in.

Make Do and Mend has associations with clothing rationing during the war, but if you think about it, the principles are sound.

It’s all about being frugal, reusing everything you can and appreciating the value of things.

A far cry from our modern disposable lifestyles!

During the war, The Ministry of Information published a pamphlet (called Make do and Mend) encouraging people to do whatever they could to extend the life of their clothes, from darning socks to washing nylons more carefully to putting patches on holes and storing clothes properly to prevent moth damage. This attitude went on to apply to everything and although they didn’t use the term, reduce, reuse, recycle became the ethos of the times.

Today’s topic invites you to ‘make do and mend’ in any area you’d like.

Perhaps you could handmake a gift for someone, salvage a piece of furniture, get a gadget repaired or maintain something properly – is it time to clean the filters on your vacuum cleaner, washing machine or oil your gardening tools? Is a visit to the cobblers to give your shoes a new lease of life in order?

One of my favourite items here at Zero Waste Towers is an old Prestige saucepan that is around 30 years old. It was a copper base and wooden handles on the saucepan and lid. I think I know why they are no longer made because we’ve had to tighten the saucepan on several occasions and even repair the lid handle that split! But I love this saucepan and won’t be ditching it any time soon. It wouldn’t win a photo shoot at Homes and Garden any time soon, but it’s practical and I love that I never burn my hands when I take the lid off!

What will it be for you today? Restoring something? Making something? A repair job?

Let me know what you’re up to and please share the ways in which you ‘make do and mend’ at home. Over on Twitter I’ll be sharing tips throughout the day for mending shoes, repairing a bike puncture, mending headphones and even speeding up that old slow computer!

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