Welcome to Zero Waste Week 2017 day two – it’s Trashless Tuesday!

Welcome to day two of zero waste week 2017.

How did you get on yesterday with your challenge to Make Do and Mend?

Did you finally get around to that ‘one day’ project or learn a new skill?

Today you’re right in at the deep end.

Yes, I’m challenging you to have a total ‘Zero Waste’ day – that means nothing accumulated for landfill at all today!

And to make it even more challenging fun, why not carry around your rubbish in a clear plastic bag for the entire day?

You see, the problem I see time and time again is the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ syndrome.

You know exactly what I’m talking about. You probably can’t wait to shove something in a black plastic bag and haul it to the kerbside where you can forget about it and it becomes somebody else’s problem.

I know I do.

Today it’s all about taking responsibility for our waste.

Let’s face it, you’d probably have a different attitude towards throwing things away if, instead of putting them in landfill, you had to bury them in your own back garden. Or if you had to ‘Pay as you throw’.

So let’s raise awareness of our own wasteful habits to ourselves by carrying our trash for a day. And if someone asks you what you’re up to, well, it’s the perfect excuse to educate them and get them signed up to Zero Waste Week too!

I shared three tips in today’s newsletter for a successful Zero Waste day, so be sure to sign up below if you want to receive emails throughout the rest of the week.

If you’re looking for more ideas, here are some of my top takeaways for having a totally Zero Waste Day:

1- Plan your day. I don’t know about you but I’m a lists gal. I have lists for everything and lists can be your best friend in the war against waste. Walk through your day in your mind – are you grabbing breakfast on the go? Out to lunch? Short of time in the evening? Have a think about where any of your day’s events might lead to waste and try to plan out waste before it happens.

2- Look for alternatives. If you’re food shopping today, spend time looking for alternatives to the things you buy in once-use plastic. See if you can buy loose fruits and vegetables, support your local butchers / bakers / deli, where you are more likely to be able to take your own packaging or see if you can find a farmers market.

3- Be Brave. Still need to buy something which is wrapped in plastic? This is an opportunity to raise awareness by leaving your packaging at the checkout. If you’re not that outgoing, then wash the packaging and return to sender telling them WHY you’re returning it to them. If enough of us did this, we could create a groundswell of change.

4- Plan ahead. Today might be the day to finally put a kit of essentials together to help you reduce waste. Depending on your lifestyle it might be as simple as a few reusable bags and containers by the front door. For those of you who need to buy take out, consider getting a reusable water bottle / coffee mug, spork, stainless steel straw and cloth napkins.

5- Love your leftovers. Banish the word ‘leftovers’ from your vocabulary and replace it with ‘ingredients’. Learn a new recipe and base it around the food you already have at home which needs using up. Who knows, you might end up with a new favourite meal by the end of the day!

6- Keep yourself accountable. Share your intentions for a Zero Waste Day with your colleagues, family and friends. If you can encourage some of them to join you, you’ll be more likely to succeed. Remember, too, you can share on Twitter with the hashtags #ZeroWasteWeek or #TrashlessTuesday and over on our Facebook group. If you want to get a personal cheerleader, I offer personal coaching and mentoring by Skype where we can go on a journey of Zero Waste together. Contact me for details 🙂

That’s it – plan your day for bin domination and let me know how you get on!

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