Win great prizes with zero waste week!

zero waste week competitionWe have some fantastic prizes lined up for our zero waste week participants.

Sadly, these are only available for UK residents, but I’m sure you understand as eco warriors we don’t want to air freight stuff across the globe.

Here’s what’s on offer for a few lucky winners!

Abel and Cole veg boxes

Abel and Cole are offering one zero waste week participant a weekly fruit and vegetable box for a month. That means four boxes of seasonal, organic goodies delivered to your door (you choose the size, dependent on household). You’ll also get a copy of the Veg Box Companion cookbook. That way, with a wealth of knowledge and recipes at your finger tips you won’t waste anything!

Abel & Cole was started with a bag of potatoes and a smile by Keith Abel 25 years ago. Their boxes are better than they’ve ever been and you can exclude things you don’t like or need.

They work directly with the best family farmers and makers who believe that food doesn’t need weird stuff added to it to make it safe, fresh and delicious. Abel and Cole only use packaging when we have to, avoid wastage and they never airfreight.

This month Abel and Cole are celebrating their 25th Birthday with lots of fun competitions so keep an eye on their Facebook page.

Goody bags from Ecover

3 winners can get their hands on a goody bag from Ecover. You’ll get a reusable shopping bag filled with a selection of full sized products that can be refilled such as their laundry liquid, fabric softener and multi surface spray.

Ecover have refil stations in healthfood stores around the UK or you can buy in bulk to refil at home. The company have focused on their packaging this year with their “Message in our Bottle” campaign.

Along with Waste Free Oceans, Ecover have been fishing the waste plastic that has been dumped in the sea. Check out their video and infographic for more information.

Bokashi system from Wiggly Wigglers

One lucky recipient will be getting their mitts on a bokashi system from Wiggly Wigglers. A bokashi is fantastic for small households as they can sit on the kitchen worksurface or even outside the back door. You can put all your food scraps in there, including meat, fish and cooked foods.

You add your ingredients, sprinkle over some bran and before you know it, you kitchen waste has become a useful addition to your (or a friend’s) compost heap. But that’s not all! In the bottom of the bokashi you can collect some ‘liquid gold’ which can be used as a plant fertliser or even to clean your drains in an eco friendly way.

I have it on good authority that bokashi sales are growing fast at Wiggly Wigglers, meanwhile they are growing even more on their farm such as their beautiful, seasonal flowers!

Reusable products from Onya

Dan from Onya is offering a lucky winner a selection of amazing products that will help you reduce your waste.

Onya Bags believe everyone has the potential to change their wasteful behaviour, so they make reuse *easy.*

Onya sell a wide range of reusable goodies including the original Onya (shopping bag), Onya Back (backpack), Onya Side (shoulder bags), all of which shove inside a teeny pouch to clip to your keys or pop into your handbag.

Newer initiatives include the Onya Lunch; a reusable sandwich wrapper/placemat that Velcro’s to any size for whatever is for lunch – it makes cling-film and tin-foil obsolete!

Their H2Onya water bottle comes in loads of colours and four sizes. They also sell reusable produce bags (Onya Weigh), for your fruit and veg and reusable hand towels to cut paper towel waste when you’re out and about.

Onya have just launched a reusable silicone lid which means you can take you favourite mug to the coffee shop or use as a lid on top of a bowl to save again using Clingfilm.

Everyone who is signed up to our mailing list will hear shortly how you can be in with a chance of winning one of these fantastic prizes.

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