Working with Colgate to improve future products

Colgate logoColgate reached out to us…

They needed dynamic experts to help them come up with product ideas that were sustainable, use natural ingredients, communicate around ethical sourcing and/or are transparent about process and ingredients.

Anna attended an innovation workshop to help them come up with a winning idea.

There were 12 attendees from Colgate from marketing, insight, R&D and design. Anna’s role was to push the thinking further and act as a sounding board for the ideas that the teams had been building.  She provided additional insight and constructive feedback on how the brands ideas deliver on the current and future needs in the sustainable space. She was asked about trends in the space, how consumer behaviour is changing and which brands are winning.

Anna rotated between the 2 teams of Colgate attendees to help them improve product ideas they have been working on to make them more compelling. They then stress-tested and built on the ideas in terms of the actual idea, the story they have developed around it and how the product & packaging should be designed.

Watch this space to discover the outcome!

If you need additional insight and feedback on engaging customers with sustainable products, get in contact.

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Rachelle Strauss

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  1. Sarah on July 22, 2019 at 4:17 pm

    This sounds like an incredible opportunity to be involved in really making a difference in a company at the top of the chain. Excellent work! I look forward to hearing the outcome.

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