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During Zero Waste Week we’re meeting some amazing businesses who are reducing the amount sent to landfill by taking part in the week.

Today we’re talking to The Wellbeing Farm who have made a massive reduction to the amount they waste. They’ve reduced their black bin use from 6 black sacks at the end of a weekend to half a bag. Find out how…

Who are you?

At The Wellbeing Farm we provide an accredited green venue for corporate hospitality, bespoke events and provide quality food.

The farm has been transformed – once a run-down neglected farm is now a purposely designed events venue which aims to help groups and individuals unwind and de-stress.

We are passionate about good food – we rear our own lamb and have our own butchers. As well as a fabulous café we have our own cookery school to educate people about creating meals with quality, local ingredients.

How many of you work at The Wellbeing Farm?

There are 13 of us.

the wellbeing farm cookery school zero waste week hero

What inspired you to take part in Zero Waste Week?

We saw this as a great opportunity to continue our drive to be as environmentally friendly as we can. Our aim is to reduce the amount of amount of rubbish produced at the farm and substantially increase the amount we recycle and compost.

What is your Zero Waste Week pledge?

To get rid of bins in the café and substantially increase the amount of items which we recycle and compost.

celia gaze zero waste week hero the wellbeing farm

What is the motivation for your pledge?

To continue our drive and involve the staff on how to reduce rubbish and to increase our recycling and composting.

What are some of the things you do on a day-to-day basis to reduce landfill waste?

  • Many of the fixtures and fittings used to renovate our farm were sourced from reclamation yards and EBay
  • We use home-grown and locally sourced produce to reduce plastic packaging
  • We compost as much as we can
  • We have recycling facilities available for our staff and visitors – we have stopped using black bin bags throughout the farm
  • We try and use suppliers which don’t use packaging e.g. Abel & Cole

What one tip would you give to other businesses that are inspired to reduce their landfill waste but don’t know where to start?

Get rid of the black bin bags and use only clear plastic – you can then really see what you are throwing out!

celia gaze the wellbeing farm zero waste week hero

Edited to share these fantastic results:

During August, Celia and her team took a waste audit in their cookery school and restaurant ready to implement changes during Zero Waste Week. Having done the audit, they no longer have bins for general waste in their café  – just recycling and compost bins. They have reduced their black bin use from 6 black sacks at the end of a weekend to half a bag.

I think you’ll all agree that’s a wonderful outcome to all their hard work…

the wellbeing farm afternoon tea zero waste week hero

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