How to be a zero hero all year round – Zero Waste Week day 7

That’s it! The end of your bootcamp for bins.

Or is it?

The reason Zero Waste Week exists is due to the overwhelming responses I had back in 2008 when I ran the first one.

I had emails from people telling me they would MISS the week, that they had had so much FUN and they were determined to keep NEW HABITS in place.

So just like a bootcamp where you have people barking orders at you I hope by the final day you have all the tools you need to continue with what has been useful.

As a busy business owner / Mum / Wife / eco warrior the one thing that ensures success for me with anything I take on is…

Short accounts.

I’m not talking about being down to the last penny in your bank account, I’m talking about 10 minute bursts of focused activity done regularly to keep on top of things.

This is true of anything in life – from doing the laundry to exercise.

None of us are too busy to find ten minutes, five minutes or ONE minute. After all, the majority of us spend three hours a day watching TV or on Facebook.

So think about everything you’ve learned during Zero Waste Week and ask yourself what you could do in just one minute a day.

Here are some ideas.

7 ways to be a zero hero in less than a minute a day:

  • After unpacking the shopping, put your reusable bags back into the car / handbag / keyring so they’re ready for next time.
  • Chuck your washing up sponges in the washing machine, microwave or dishwasher once a week to restore them and keep them lasting longer.
  • When the post arrives deal with it straight away. Keep piles for recycling, piles to action and carefully open envelopes and boxes to reuse.
  • When you grab the milk for your morning cuppa see if anything in the fridge needs using up for lunch or dinner.
  • Swill out tins and plastic containers at the end of washing up in the dirty water and put in the recycling bin. This avoids letting them get dry and crusty, tempting you to throw them in the bin.
  • Before you leave the house, fill a reusable bottle with tap water to save money and the environmental costs associated with bottled water.
  • When preparing a meal put things back into the fridge or freezer as soon as you have used them. Likewise, box or plate up any leftovers immediately and put in the fridge / freezer to use later in the week.

What about you? What could you do in less than one minute to keep on top of landfill waste?

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  1. silverbells2012 on September 7, 2014 at 7:29 am

    I always enjoy Zero Waste Week and, after signing up to the newsletter and reading other blogs this year, I feel I have got even more out of the event. My pledge was to reduce the amount of plastic food packaging – this was my main source of landfill waste. And I have definitely done it: halved the amount of waste going in the black (in our area) bin. That means filling only one small plastic bag about five inches by ten inches (if that). There are still things I cannot currently source without plastic – I would like to reduce even the recyclable sort – but have found a way to get my coffee without plastic, which feels like a tremendous leap forward!

    • Rachelle Strauss on September 26, 2014 at 8:52 am

      Sounds like you’ve made huge progress. Thanks for being part of the solution!

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