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Zoe lives in Brighton with her husband and their two children.

In 2011, Zoe’s older child was due to start school and her younger was starting nursery. The idea of juggling her family’s needs with her own commute filled Zoe with dread.

However she was comfortable with her eco friendly and organic lifestyle which she didn’t want to stop as she felt these were the best choices for her children.

Zoe asked herself a daring question…

Could she possibly quit her job and still maintain her current lifestyle?

Six years later and she’s succeeded in her challenge.

She’s decluttered for cash, rented out a spare room in her home and has changed her shopping habits. She pushes herself to maintain her current lifestyle whilst looking for ways to save cash.

And now she’s turned her hand to art!

Her style is abstract Zen doodling art. The reason it appeals to Zoe is she says “I can draw whatever I feel like drawing in that moment. It’s a bit like dancing with no rules, when you are just throwing yourself around on a dance floor and letting it all out. I pick up the pen and dance it around the paper in whatever random way my mood takes me. Then I section it off, think of an idea pretty quickly for each section and go with it. Next I concentrate. I slow it down and pay attention to little details and it is absorbing.

True to her zero waste principles, Zoe doesn’t scrunch up pieces of paper when she makes a ‘mistake’. Instead she makes a feature of them, which means there is limited waste in the process of producing the originals.

In addition, Zoe has thought carefully about the materials she uses. She’s opted for bamboo fine art paper rather than cotton which is water and pesticide intensive. She also sends out her prints in plastic free recycled and / or recyclable packaging.

Zoe has opened an Etsy shop where you can buy her limited edition prints. If you’re looking for an original and unique gift for a zero waste friend, or something special for yourself, you can find her shop here. And you’ll be helping Zero Waste Week too – for every print sold during August and September 2017, Zoe will donate £2 to the campaign!

Here’s my favourite pieces – ‘Squiggle’ and ‘blue bunny’.

zoes zen art zero waste week


zoes zen eco friendly art zero waste week

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