Make British Sandwich week a zero waste celebration


11th – 17th May 2014 is British Sandwich week!

UK consumers are currently consuming 11 billion sandwiches per year.

Which, if you buy them ready prepared can add result in a lot of non-recyclable plastic packaging.

So this year, why not celebrate British Sandwich Week with a zero hero of your own?

I’ve outlined the six most popular ‘at home’ fillings with comments about how zero waste you can make them:


Take your own reusable container to the deli and ask them to put your cheese direct in there.


Take your own reusable container to your local butcher and ask them to slice as much has as you need.


Buy a whole chicken from a butcher and slice for your sandwiches.

Jam/sweet spreads

This should be reasonably straight forward as most jam comes in glass jars which you can reuse. If you have a glut of fruit you can make your own jam too.

Hot bacon

Off to the butchers you go with your trusty reusable container for as many or few slices as you need!


Tuna usually comes in tins or glass jars which can be recycled at most kerbsides.

What is your favourite sandwich filling?

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