Zero Waste Week 2013 – day one; how to store salad

zero waste week 2013 - saladWelcome to the first day of Zero Waste Week 2013.

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A few weeks ago I asked you what your top wasted food were.

And today we’re tackling number one on the list.

It’s something that often ends up slimy in the corner of the bag or at the back of the salad drawer.

Yes, we’re talking about salad. We love to buy it, then throw half of it away don’t we?

Once those packs of fresh looking salad are opened you can almost hear it wilting by the second.

Often you go back a day later and half of it is inedible.

Love Food Hate Waste recommend keeping lettuce or salad leaves in a tupperware pot in the fridge with a sheet of kitchen towel in the bottom – this holds the moisture and stops the leaves going soggy.

I’ve found my own way of getting lettuce to last about 10 days!

Or you can store an iceberg lettuce in a glass of water, just like cut flowers.

If you’ve got some salad that needs using up, Penny has shared a recipe for tired salad soup so you can always hide it at dinner time!

What about you – what are your hints, tips and recipes for reducing salad waste?

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  1. Joelle on September 3, 2013 at 6:17 am

    I have cut down on buying lettuce this year by growing my own rocket. This has provided plenty of salad and gone into green soup too. Need to plant some more as the last lot has become caterpillar food!

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