Anna’s ZWW – Day 3

OMG I think I’m contributing to that 30bn of unused clothes with my wardrobe. I’ve really noticed lately that I wear very few of my clothes. So today I’m going to think about what to keep and what should go.

30bil worth clothing

I had a good long look at what was in there and I have three jackets – all fairly similar. The most recent one is over 15 years old, but I think I have only worn it maybe 3 times in the last 10 years. There’s another one I seem to wear all the time, and the third is the occasional summer evening party kind of jacket. Even just explaining that makes it an obvious choice that the 3 wears in 10 years jacket should go. It could be making someone else very happy.

I love to do challenges and use these as a way to help me reduce my waste, reduce my stuff, and live “cleaner and greener” like the title of my first book!

Back in 2003 my New Year’s Resolution was to buy no new clothes for a whole year. I remember that at the time my motivation was to save money. Interestingly what it taught me was that I spent a lot of money on books too. I just blamed my spending on clothes! So I think the best thing I did as a result was to start borrowing books from the library.

Ten year’s later I did a year of no new clothes again, but slightly differently. This time I decided that I was actually going to down size my wardrobe rather than just stagnating it. I went through the year picking out 2 items of clothing each month to take to a charity shop. I decided that the only clothes I bought would be from charity shops and I spent less than £100 that year on clothes. The best thing is that the habit of buying from charity shops has stayed. It is too good to give up. I’ve also tried to keep to a one in one out rule in my wardrobe.

Todays Zero Waste Week post has made me have a good look back at my clothes buying habits so I can come up with a pledge.

My Zero Waste Week Day 3 pledge is today, and the second Wednesday of every month going forward, to find something I haven’t worn in while and give it a wear. If I don’t love it again, then I it won’t go back in my wardrobe. I’ll let it find a new home.

I’m starting with this dress I bought from the Community Shop in my village a couple of years ago. I wore it quite a lot when I first bought it (for £3) – my book launch, two weddings, and some summer evenings, but I haven’t worn it all this summer.

Today, I’m just wearing it “for the bant”. Ok… its not quite a ball gown in a supermarket!

Next month I’ll tackle “3 wears in 10 years jacket”!

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