Anna’s ZWW – Day 5

I’m really glad that this Zero Waste Week is showing the connection between reducing waste and the climate crisis.

12 years to avert climate change

I think a lot of people would agree with me that life has got a bit manic. “I’m so busy”. Being busy is often cited as the reason people waste stuff. I have often thought that we have all become so busy because we need to earn more and more money to pay for more and more stuff that we then ultimately throw away. Anyone else feel like that? Has the pace of life become a little bit crazy?

Today we are challenged to have a waste free day, but I’m challenging myself, as well, to put off the one purchase I was thinking about recently and see if really do need it. It’s been pretty hot lately and I only have one pair of running shorts. I run four times a week and I do wear my running shorts a few times before I wash them to try to lessen the impact on the planet of course. A couple of times recently I felt I’d reached the limit of how many wears between washes, didn’t have a full load of washing and so wore my running leggings instead in 30 degree heat.

“I’d really like a second pair of running shorts,” I thought.

But, I’m holding out, inspired by Zero Waste Week. I will wait a while. I think it’s unlikely I’ll find running shorts second hand – never seen any yet! So I’ll wait, and I’ll wait a bit more and do a bit of research into the fabrics and how they are made and what the sustainability issues are with running shorts. All advice welcome here! I think by the time I’ve done that, the weather will be cooler and I’ll forget about it all together.

To sum up my Zero Waste Week this year, I do think it is all about slowing down enough to make sure we have time to care for the environment and care for ourselves.  “Not having time” to choose the sustainable option, doesn’t cut it anymore.There are so many quick and easy things we can do that cut waste, cut carbon footprint and save money. All it takes is to become a conscious consumer and wean ourselves off from that “Want it! Need it! Need it now!” screech that we can too easily find ourselves listening to. We have 12 years to make some change to the way we live. So we rally do need to start now. Wherever we are on the Zero Waste footpath we just need to keep taking that next step together.

My thoughts going forward are that more and more people are moving towards a Zero Waste Lifestyle. It feels great to be a part of such an important movement. Thank you to everyone who has taken steps, however small, on the Zero Waste path this week and keep up the great work. It is worth it!



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