Can you go shopping in your freezer – even when you share a house?

If you share your kitchen space with other housemates, freezer space might be very limited. That makes it even more important to use it wisely.

Here are five tips to make your limited freezer space work.

  1. Don’t try to overstuff your freezer. If there’s too much in it, it becomes a pain to find what you need. If your freezer is always full it also means that you can’t put that extra portion into the freezer or rescue someone’s chicken that’s going out of date that day (or the reduced items in the supermarket that are a bargain).
  2. Make a note of what’s in your freezer either in a note taking app on your phone or just on the freezer door. Cross things off when you use them and add on when you put something in.
  3. Frozen mixed veg is a good money and waste saver, so that would be a good use of your freezer space.
  4. Slice things like bread, bagels, or hot cross buns before you freeze them if you want to be able to toast them straight from the freezer. Separate them by tapping them, not with a knife or you could end up cutting yourself (says Jen!).
  5. If you put a ready meal or leftovers in the freezer make yourself a note to use it up as soon as you can before you go shopping (that way you’ve always got space (see tip 1!).

Before you next shop, see what you can use from your freezer first!

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