Could you make a pledge with me today?

I came across this article that suggests that we if we all picked up one piece of litter every time we visit our waterways, we could be plastic free in  year. I really liked the video. Seeing people who are absolutely passionate about a cause, makes me feel a bit more normal! Watching all that stuff they pulled out from the canal brought back memories of a canal boat trip when I was a teenager. It was my turn to steer the narrow boat. Interesting they are called narrow boats – focusing on the part that doesn’t cause you a problem rather than the one that does. This boat was very long! My Dad, my friend, Warwick and his Dad, Richard, were at the front of the boat. My Dad shouted back to me to “To the right a bit or you’ll hit the car.” There was a road just to our left and I thought he was just having a bit of a dig at the fact my steering was a little erratic. But no! The next thing I know, I’ve hit the car – yes the one in the canal – and the front of the boat veered off into the trees. My Dad and Richard grabbed Warwick’s wheelchair and held on tight as they all got a few whacks in the face with the overhanging branches. I straightened up the boat as fast as I could – which was not fast. Fortunately, we didn’t lose anyone into the water, but it was a scary few moments I’m unlikely to ever forget.

But back to the article, and the thought of our waterways being plastic free once more. Apart from bringing back memories of childhood holidays, this was a timely read for me as I’ve been out running a lot, and although I try to spend my running time noticing the sights, sounds, smells of nature, I’ve found myself noticing the rubbish almost as much. I think the thing that makes me most mad is noticing the disposable masks discarded so carelessly.


The last few times I’ve been out running, I’ve thought I should take a bag out with me and my gloves and then try to collect at least one piece of rubbish each time I go out. I’m not kidding myself! I realise that me picking up just one piece of rubbish every day won’t make our waterways plastic free, but it might make me feel better. So that’s my pledge. Feel free to join me.






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