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dudes against destruction

Is it just me, or have you noticed that it’s generally women who are ‘more involved’ with sustainable issues?

I’ve certainly noticed that women are more outspoken about the Zero Waste Week campaign.

When I look at my demographics, 85% of visitors to my site and members of my Facebook group are the female of the species.

All my blogging ambassadors are female.

This year, three university students have approached me to help with their dissertation, and each one has focused on the theme of differences in gender attitudes to environmental issues.

I was even interviewed on a podcast last month about solutions to climate change and ALL the interviewees were female.

I don’t think for one moment that men don’t care.

But I *am* curious.

Are they shy? Isn’t there a platform for them? Isn’t it cool? Or are they too busy finding solutions to talk and write about it?

My curiosity was piqued further when a member of the Facebook group asked “Does anyone have any tricks for getting other house members to reduce their waste? Living with 2 grown men (husband and brother) who bring more plastic into my house than I care for I feel like a one-woman army.

Sympathy and suggestions flew in, but then this response caught my eye:

“Great to see this thread, my wife is the slow adopter in our house, I’m using soap bars for everything bathroom and tooth tabs instead of paste (amongst other things) but our bathroom window is a mass of all sorts of plastic bottles of lotions n potions.
It’s frustrating as hell not to be able to get rid of her stuff quickly enough!”

This comment was enough to set me on a mission – a mission to find the dudes against the destruction of the planet, the fathers against fruitless consumption, the partners who want to preserve and protect resources, and the brothers against bothersome bins.

I’ve found five very men and will be sharing their blog posts throughout Zero Waste Week. You’ll hear about their motivation for living a zero waste lifestyle as well as some of the challenges they face, along with the solutions they’ve found.

Don’t miss it! And ladies (because I know it’s you who will be reading this), be sure to get the men in your life to have a read!

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