Inspiring future generations at Wellington College

Zero Waste Week was invited to participate in the 9th Beyond COP 21 Symposium at Wellington College.

Beyond COP 21 is a global series of symposia, based around the post Paris and Sustainable Development Goals agendas that started in January 2016 and will continue through to 2030. Its aim is to engage hundreds of school communities along the way.

There were 600 school students participating in a full day of interactive presentations, activities, guest speakers and networking, along with teachers and parents.

Anna went along, ready to engage the students in the wonderful world of recycling! The main focus of our activity was based on Anna’s Recyclometer exercise from her book “101 ways to live cleaner and greener for free“. This gave us an opportunity to find out what students already know about recycling and what they don’t yet know. The students were very engaged, participated with enthusiasm and gave us lots of feedback.

Global Education Coordinator and Head of Sustainability, Ana Romero, said “I would like to thank you on behalf of Wellington College and its sustainability programme for your participation at the exhibition today during our event. All the comments I have been receiving have been fantastic about your interaction with our Wellington Community.”

You can get access to a free lesson plan based on the Recyclometer exercise when you buy our schools guide.

anna pitt with zero waste week at wellington college symposium


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