#LiveMoreWithLess month – beg, borrow, barter or swap!

live more with less month october zero waste week
It’s #LiveMoreWithLess month!
September 30, 2017
use your local lilbrary during livemorewithless month zero waste week
#LiveMoreWithLess month – 9 days in
October 9, 2017
live more with less campaign october zero waste week

I’d heard about Buy Nothing Day which takes place every November and how some people extend it for the full month.

I was aware of ‘The Compact‘ who pledged to buy nothing new for a year, back in 2006.

And I’ve met some fantastic bloggers, like Jen from My Make Do and Mend Life, who have done their own personal ‘Buy Nothing New’ challenges.

So when I announced my plans for #LiveMoreWithLess month during October, I was under no illusion that this is not a new concept.

But then research took me to the Australian ‘Buy Nothing New’ site where they are already asking people to pledge to buy nothing new during October – Seems we’re in good company! Their take on it is to encourage people to Shop Less and Live More and that you can beg, borrow, barter or swap, but just not buy anything new.

It seems the perfect fit, so whether you sign up and pledge on their site, or join me here with the #LiveMoreWithLess hashtag, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that people unite across the globe for a common goal. By purchasing less and making the most of what we already have this has two benefits – we stop wasting money and we stop wasting stuff.

What’s not to love?

Are you joining in? Tell me your plans; what do you deem as ‘essential’ spending and what will you do without for the next 31 days?

live more with less campaign october zero waste week


Rachelle Strauss
Rachelle Strauss
Rachelle Strauss is founder of MyZeroWaste.com and ZeroWasteWeek.co.uk Both are leading websites for helping householders reduce landfill waste. Her work has attracted media stories and engagement in documentaries, film and radio both locally and abroad.

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