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Don’t throw it, Olio it!


Your bags are packed, and you are off on your long-awaited holiday. But wait! You realise you have half a lettuce, two tomatoes, half a packet of cheese and a bit of cucumber left in your fridge. Oh, and half a pint of milk too and half a loaf of bread. Years ago almost of all of knew our neighbours really well, so we would probably have knocked on their door and handed over the goodies we would not get round to using up ourselves. But so many of us these days don’t get to know our neighbours.

One of the upshots of that is that it leads to food waste.  If we remember to think about the contents of our fridge at all, likely we will just throw away what won’t keep until we get back.

But no longer!  Technology, is here to help us once again.

Take a look at the food sharing app Olio. When you sign up on the app you can give and receive unwanted food, saving from going to waste. Olio connects people in a neighbourhood allowing you to post your unwanted food items on the app and then local people will receive a notification and can arrange collection.

Many places now have Olio drop box locations too, which mean that if you don’t manage to meet up at a specific time, you can place the item in a dropbox and your neighbour can pick it up at their convenience.

So now all you have to do is to make yourself a nice cheese and tomato sandwich for the journey, snap a photo of what’s left and upload to Olio – your neighbours will get their notification and someone is bound to want to come and rescue your half pint of milk of milk and salad.

Don’t forget you could, of course, pop the half pint of milk and the loaf of bread into the freezer. That way you’ll be able to have a cup of tea and piece of toast when your return from your holidays without having to dash to the shops.

Too Good to Go

Too Good to Go is another great app that helps reduce food waste. This app helps food businesses such as restaurants bakeries and grocers reduce surplus food. What happens is that on the app you purchase a “Magic Bag” which you will pick up at close of business – it tells you the pick up time and location on each item. You don’t know what’s going to be in the bag at the end of the day – because it will be whatever is left. So pick a business whose food you know you like!

It is perfect for people who love all food, but sometimes can’t make a decision on what they would like to eat. The Magic Bag will be a nice surprise. If you know the business, because you are also a customer on other occasions, then you will know you’ll like the food.

If you are arriving home late in the evening, but know you’ve got nothing in that doesn’t require effort, then this could be the perfect solution, for just perhaps a tiny detour and dinner is in the bag.


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