You Smart Cara has three green flashing lights and has stopped working. Now what?

smart cara fix for three green flashing lightsThe Smart Cara seems to be creating quite a buzz in the Zero Waste community!

In case you missed it, you can read my Smart Cara review here. And if you’re wondering what on earth it is, it’s a “State of the art solution to the food waste problem”.

Sounds like just the thing for every waste warrior’s kitchen!

It’s basically a bit like a home composter which sits on your kitchen worksurface. You end up with a soil enhancer, rather than true compost. You simply fill the bucket up with your food scraps – this includes cooked food waste, fish, meat and even small bones – turn the unit on, and hey presto, in a few hours your food will be dried out, odourless and just 1/10th of the original volume.

As well as using the resulting mix as a soil enhancer in houseplants or containers, you can use it to light a fire with – handy for us because we use a wood burner to heat Zero Waste Towers.

Recently, however, I’ve had several queries from readers who have bought a Smart Cara and have an issue with three flashing green lights.

Natalie wrote “The Smart Cara stopped and all 3 green lights are now flashing. We have turned it off, checked the filters, checked the bucket was in properly and still the lights flash and it omits 5 beeps.”

Raymund wrote ” I seem to be having the same problem as Natalie. Three green lights flashing . I have changed the filters. Any help would be gratefully accepted.”

Aleks wrote “I have the same problem, all three lights flashing with five beeps, tried everything I could think of as others who posted here with same problem any assistance would be appreciated thank you”

Fortunately the solution is simple. It’s usually one of two things – the filters aren’t in properly (this error sometimes occurs after the filters have been replaced), or the Smart Cara needs a clean.

First check the filters are in properly – give them a wiggle and make sure they sit securely in the unit.

If this doesn’t fix things, use the built-in cleaning programme which you can do in two steps:

  1. Fill the bucket up to the line with water and close the lid
  2. Press and hold the start button for ten seconds

After an hour your Smart Cara will be as sparkly as new. There should be no more beeping and no more green lights flashing.

how to fix your smart cara with three green lights flashing and beeping sound

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