The Three Chimneys famous hot marmalade pudding

The Hot Marmalade Pudding with Drambuie Custard is the creation of our owner, director and original chef Shirley Spear (@ShirleySkye) and has been on our menu every service since she and husband Eddie opened the restaurant doors back in 1984.

It was featured in Shirley’s cookbook (sadly now not in print but available online in some places) and was also chosen by her friend Nick Nairn as the dessert on his Great British Christmas Menu on BBC2 a few years ago.

This traditional steamed pudding has become a signature dish of the Three Chimneys Restaurant in the Isle of Skye. It is so popular that it never has been off the menu, since Eddie and Shirley Spear took over the restaurant twenty-eight years ago! Local legend has it that customers return year after year from all over the world for Hot Marmalade Pudding. Shirley believes the secret lies in the flavour of the homemade marmalade that she always uses. This is made by many Scottish housewives during the month of January when the bitter-sharp Seville oranges are available from Spain. Every winter, Shirley and her team makes pounds and pounds of marmalade, just to keep up with supplies of pudding during the summer months! It is not, as some people imagine, a stodgy suet pudding with a dollop of marmalade at the bottom of the basin. The marmalade is combined throughout, giving the dessert a rich, amber colour. Serve with Drambuie custard.
Nick Nairn chose this pudding for his Great British Christmas Menu screened on BBC TV. It is a brilliant alternative to a traditional Christmas Pudding and can be made in advance. It also freezes well, whole, or in portions. It can be steamed to re-heat it, or a portion could be warmed quickly for a few seconds in a microwave.

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