Welcome to Zero Waste Week 2018 – Day Three!

zero waste week 2018 day three challenge - reducing plastic in the kitchen


How did you get on in the bathroom yesterday. Were you shocked at how much plastic was in there?

If there was too much in there and you need extra help, check out this year’s sponsors. They have a fantastic range of products and services available to help you reduce your waste.

Today we’re off to the kitchen to look at food packaging.

Here’s a snapshot of the scale of the issue:

Consumers are bringing home more than 800,000 tonnes of plastic packaging waste every year.

Across the world, our addiction to bottled water and drinks means we’re using a million bottles per minute.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all take steps to reduce the amount of plastic we bring home?

One of the simplest ways is to say no to disposable plastic carrier bags. Switch to a reusable shopping bag instead and you’ll be well on your way to reducing your plastic footprint. Vicky will show you how to make your own shopping bags from old t-shirts. Why not get together with friends, a stash of old t-shirts an endless pot of tea and get sewing.

And talking of tea, did you know many teabags contain plastic? Here are some solutions for a cuppa with a conscience from Meg.

You could google your local farmers market or farm shop as many of these sell loose, seasonal produce. The bonus with this is you can buy just the amount you need, which means you also reduce food waste AND save money.

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I’ve written about 9 ways to shop without excess packaging and here are 10 more ways to buy food without too much packaging.

Ditching clingfilm? Vicky shows you how to make homemade beeswax fabric sandwich wrap. Make your own and send me a photo! Beeswax wraps are super easy to make, double up as a plate for your sandwich and are easily wiped clean once used.

Longing for plastic free pasta? Meg’s got a recipe for that.

She’ll also show you how to make potato farls and breadsticks. And here are my Home made tortillas.

For inspiration on how your weekly shopping trip could look, check out “Plastic-free food shopping 1970s style: Part 1”  and read about Gina’s adventures in a packaging free shop!

Today’s Challenge:

What’s the one thing you will do to reduce plastic waste in your kitchen today?

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