When is Zero Waste Week 2021?

My inbox is already being inundated with requests for details of Zero Waste Week 2021.

People want to know when it is, how to take part, what the theme is and what resources are available.

In this post I’m going to outline all the FAQs so that you can find what you need and I’ll keep updating it throughout the year.

When it Zero Waste Week 2021?

This year’s campaign takes place 6th – 10th September 2021

But what IS Zero Waste Week?

Zero Waste Week is an award-winning week-long campaign, raising awareness about the environmental impact of waste. Whether you’re an individual, business or organisation, we welcome you to join in and reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill.

Launched in 2008, the campaign is conducted almost exclusively online via this website, e-newsletters and social media; although various groups run ‘on the ground’ events across the world.

But Zero Waste is for life, right, not just a week?

Whilst Zero Waste Week formally runs for one week in September, regular newsletters and fresh blog content is sent out throughout the year. Our friendly online community share practical experiences and suggestions about waste avoidance via social media to keep the discussion and learning process going. Join the conversation on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

How can I take part?

For the best experience, sign up to the newsletter so you never miss an update! Throughout the campaign week you’ll get a daily email with some information, tips and a challenge for the day. You can sign up to the mailing list here. Alternatively you can follow us on social media with the hashtag #ZeroWasteWeek


when is zero waste week 2021

Do you have images or posters I can use?

If you head to this page you’ll find social media images, logos and posters which you are free to use.

What is the theme for Zero Waste Week 2021?

The theme is top secret until the week itself. However, if you sign up the mailing list, you’ll sometimes get a sneak peek about what’s coming up! All I can say is, in the past we’ve covered topics such as food waste, recycling ‘one more thing’, reducing plastics and climate change and for 2021 we have a brand new, never-done-before theme!

How much does it cost to take part?

Taking part in Zero Waste Week is free.

How is Zero Waste Week funded?

It is funded by the work we do the other 51 weeks of the year with householders, businesses, organisations, schools and local authorities; where we offer lunch time talks, all day stands, assemblies, workshops and courses.

It is also supported by Zero Waste Week sponsors and your generous donations.

Will you come and talk to my business / school / local authority residents?

Anna is our highly sought after speaker and would love to talk to you.

Find out more about how we work with schools.

Discover how we can help your business implement a Zero Waste strategy.

Learn more about how we help local authorities engage with their residents.

For individual householders, Rachelle is on hand with coaching. If there are things in your bin that you don’t know how to eliminate, or your Zero Waste lifestyle is causing stress, overwhelm or guilt, contact me for 1-2-1 coaching.

I love Zero Waste Week and want to pay it forward – Can I donate money?

You certainly can! We highly appreciate all donations, which we use for our hosting fees, site upgrades, technical support and professional fees. You can make a direct donation here.

Some organisations prefer to run a coffee morning, sponsored event or competition during Zero Waste Week and then donate the proceeds.



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