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Zero Waste Oat Milk Recipe – Plus Six Ways to Use Oat Pulp!

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While veganism is being discussed in mainstream news as a way to combat climate change, vegan foods are not without their ecological impact.

Almond milk has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism, which is why I was interested in a recent thread on our Facebook Group.

Jess had taken to making her own oat milk and she was asking what to do with the used oats to save them ending up as food waste.

Here’s what other members suggested:


Here at Zero Waste Towers,  I make an exfoliator for my face using oats and yogurt. The best bit? You can eat the leftovers! Cait suggested using oats for an all over body treat, she wrote “Body scrub for dry, scaly legs and arms. Add a drop of lavender oil.

Enrich bread

Alex said “You can add a little to bread dough or other baking“. She went on to explain “my guess would be to try substituting for 10% of the flour by weight, then add a little more flour at the kneading stage if it seems a bit wet. Oats can give a bit of a dry crumbly texture, so avoid skimping on fats & any binding agents you use.

Add to cookies

Claire said “I normally make my cookies with oats, shredded coconut, banana and cinnamon. The banana replaces the need for sugar, egg or butter. When I’ve made oat milk, I use the oat pulp in place of the oats, but I’m sure you could work it into most cake or cookie recipes

Add to fruit crumble toppings

Sadie shared “I just made crumble topping with oats in so maybe dry the pulp out, crumble it up and add to a recipe. You can freeze the topping in batches! Great with foraged blackberries !

Make overnight soaked oats

One of my favourite breakfasts is oats soaked overnight in yogurt – the oats swell and add a delicious creamy consistency which tastes amazing when served with fruit.  Georgina said “I bet they’d reabsorb yoghurt and make lovely fridge porridge” Claire added “also works great for breakfast oats! The texture is a bit slimy so you may want to add rolled oats or nuts etc.“]

More Breakfast ideas

Jen suggested ” I don’t blend the soaked oats, I just sieve them. I have them for breakfast mashed with a banana & nut butter. With a sliced apple, seeds and cacao nibs on top

If you’re interested in making your own oat milk, here’s a recipe to try:

Jess’s oat milk recipe – 1 litre

120gms oats
1-2 tbsp sweetener such as honey or maple syrup (optional)
900ml water, plus extra for soaking

Soak the oats in cold water for 30 minutes
Rinse and drain the oats, then put in a blender with 900ml fresh cold water
Blitz for 30 seconds
Pour the oat milk through a fine sieve, pressing the oat pulp with a wooden spoon (the recipe then suggests discarding the oats, but you know what to do with yours now!)
Stir the sweetener in if using, and re blend until combined.
Stores for 5 days in the fridge

What about you – how would you use the spent oats to make this a zero waste oat milk recipe?

If you like it ... Share it!
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Rachelle Strauss

Rachelle Strauss


  1. […] use it in bread, crumbles, overnight oats, smoothies, cookies and even as an exfoliator! Check out Zero Waste Week’s website for some of the […]

  2. Avatar James on October 11, 2020 at 11:36 pm

    Love this recipe and the ideas for oat pulp! I’ll have to try the body scrub!
    Just wondering with the oat milk why you drain the water they’ve soaked in and add fresh? This seems like an unnecessary step to me?

  3. Avatar Andre on December 3, 2020 at 9:00 pm

    Can you please tell me what the nutritional value is in the pulp that is remaining? How much of the nutritional value of oats does the oat milk making process take out?

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