Zero Waste Week with children

Nicola contacted me.

She wrote “I’m taking part in zero waste week as I’m starting to home ed my 5 year old daughter and this will be done as a project for her.

I plan to make sure that she is aware of how much waste is produced and how she can reduce that. “

The day after Nicola contacted me, her daughter had a science magazine arrive – which had a short article about the effects of plastic in the oceans. What a perfect place to start!

Many people ask me how they can include children on their zero waste journey, so I invited Nicola to share some of her plans.

Here’s what she said:

Today I’m starting our first project as a home educating family. My little girl is 5 years old and loves to be outside and looking after nature, so for our first project, Zero Waste Week seemed perfect.
This morning we are printing off the waste audit and going through all the rubbish that we currently have in our bins.

Tomorrow is our bin collection day, so a great time to start. We will be talking about our waste and seeing if there are alternatives that we could be using. We will then be visiting the supermarket so that she can see the different packaging and talking about which ones might be best, and which things we will need to look for to make Zero Waste next week.

When we return from our supermarket trip, we will start to make a shopping list for next week, and will be visiting the market to buy our food, and making sure we have our own bags.

We will also be making a compost bin so that our food waste and compostable items can go in there.
Zero Waste Week has given us so much to think about, as we currently only recycle the basics, so this is a great opportunity to see what other changes we could make as a family.
We’re really looking forward to getting started.

What about you – are you doing Zero Waste Week as a family? What plans do you have?
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