Plastic Free, Zero Waste, Unbleached, Recycled Toilet Paper is here in the UK!

We’ve been living a Zero Waste lifestyle since June 2004. And one of the first problems we encountered was finding toilet roll that satisfied our eco credentials. We wanted something plastic free and recycled. Our choices were limited to some dull grey, dusty, thin and sad looking paper that – without going into too much detail – was a total breakthrough. Just not in a good way.

On the other hand, we could buy plastic free toilet paper, if we were prepared to lacerate our nether regions with Izal medicated [Nope], or buy two very expensive rolls of the soft, strong and very long variety.

We dabbled with family cloth for wees, but, understandably, there were issues with that. Such as figuring out how many cloths you needed in order to then not need to use the washing machine more regularly. Then there was making sure the kids actually put used cloths into the washing machine rather than back in the unused pile! And not to mention coping with guests in the house. Let’s face it, there are some family habits that are best kept behind closed bathroom doors, rather than discussed around the dinner table.

So in the end we just admitted defeat and continued with our usual brand, choosing to focus on areas of our lifestyle where we were willing and able to make a difference.

Fast forward a decade, and plastic free toilet paper finally arrived on the market. Hurray! To say I was excited (I know, right!) was an understatement. However, on closer inspection they were shipped from the other side of the world, made from bamboo, and manufactured in China. So our quest was still unresolved.

Fortunately the solution landed in my inbox [and on my doorstep] a month ago.


recycled in the UK toilet roll



I was contacted by Tom who, like me, was on the search for bamboo free, zero waste toilet paper. Tom said “It all started when we moved to a small village and started to shop in our local refill shop, making small but easy changes to reduce the amount we throw away. One thing we noticed was the amount of bamboo products like loo roll, and thought about the thousands of miles they have to travel before getting to the UK, and the working conditions of where they are made.”

Just like me his search was fruitless. However, unlike me, Tom didn’t settle for family cloth (or a bum gun (don’t ask)), he decided to do something about his search for Zero Waste toilet paper.

And six months ago, he set up Honest Supplies, with a simple vision to provide eco-friendly products to people who love our planet.

Plastic Free Toilet Paper in the UK

Tom is the proud supplier of carbon negative, UK made, recycled, plastic free toilet roll! Not only that, but it is unbleached – there is no chlorine bleach used in the manufacturing process. And no, it doesn’t mean your toilet paper is erm, brown, it’s just a dull white – not really noticeable unless you compare it to a bleached roll.

Tom taught me that every day 27,000 trees are cut down for toilet paper. Not to mention the water, electric and air pollution caused by using virgin pulp. It’s quite an eye opener when you see what’s involved, especially for something this is disposed of within a matter of minutes.


recycled toilet paper from honest supplies


Tom continued “We’re proud to say that our toilet paper is the only UK recycled roll that is 200% carbon negative. As it’s recycled we only reuse what’s already in circulation rather than cutting anything down, whether trees or bamboo. This helps to protect the habitats of wildlife and biodiversity. We only work with carbon reduction projects that have the gold standard certifications. This ensures that the carbon savings we report are accurate and the projects are seen to completion, creating local jobs, and therefore supporting those communities.”

Honest Supplies products are made right here in the UK from materials already in circulation. No trees are cut down, no bamboo harvested, plus materials are not transported across the world. They source their recycled material from recycling plants are are local to their manufacturers.

Eager to try these yourself? Tom supplies both double & quilted toilet rolls that are almost twice the length of normal supermarket rolls, meaning you get excellent value.

He sells in bulk to business too, helping you reach your CSR goals.

To get even more value, enjoy 5% off your first order. Head to Honest Supplies and use the code LittleGreen5

Happy wiping!

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