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Blog and Latest Zero Waste News

Reduce food waste by growing food!

A great way to reduce food waste, food miles and avoid packaging is to grow your own food. Easy if you have an allotment or large garden, but what if you’re a busy city dweller living in a high-rise apartment?

Banana Pudding

This is a great way to use up a brown banana before it goes off. We love it! It’s filling, very tasty and – healthy too!

Egg Fried Rice

A tasty easy recipe that uses leftovers of any sort to make a quick dish that’s filling. You can add fruit, veg or whatever.

How to tell others about zero waste week 2013

We’re all set up and raring to go with zero waste week 2013. Our theme is “Use it up!” where you are encouraged to think out food waste.

Food waste Friday take 2

Last week I got back on the Food Waste Friday bandwagon with Kristen, the Frugal Girl. And what a good job I did.

10 more top tips for reducing food waste!

Zero Waste Week is getting closer and all your fabulous ideas for reducing food waste are continuing to flood my inbox! I couldn’t wait to share the latest ideas with you; some of them are brilliant!

Reduce food waste with these 10 amazing banana recipes

According to WRAP, 1.6 million bananas get thrown away every day in the UK. Love Food Surrey have worked out that their residents throw away two shed loads of bananas every day! When you think how far they’ve traveled to get to our houses, that’s a shocking waste of resources AND food.

It's food waste friday!

A few years ago I used to take part in a Food Waste Friday post. Originally started by Kristen; the Frugal Girl, I found it a great way to keep myself accountable.

10 Simple tips to reduce food waste

Over on our My Zero Waste facebook community, I asked our wise and wonderful people what tips they would give to someone who was new to reducing food waste. Here’s what they said:

When life presents you with food waste

This week I read that supermarket chain, Tesco, has pledged to reduce the amount of food wasted as part of its corporate responsibility report 2013. They reckon they will do this by no longer encouraging customers to buy large amount of food with a short life; such as Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) offers…