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Blog and Latest Zero Waste News

Food Waste Friday – week 9

Welcome to Food waste Friday. It’s that time of the week where I haul out the gory foods that have gone slimy, mouldy or just plain OFF and show them to the world!

Strawberry coulis recipe

This week I’m giving myself a bit pat on the back. You remember the other day I shared seven amazing strawberry recipes? Well I was in danger of ending up with some delightful strawberries being composted myself, here at zero waste towers.

Simple, multicoloured, ‘any-veg-will-do’ recipes

My name is Yuriko and I work at Abel & Cole. I’m a foodie, dog lover and crafter. At Abel & Cole we think food waste is rubbish. Though we’re also realistic.

Food waste Friday – Week 8

Inspired by The Frugal Girl, every week I take part in Food Waste Friday where post up photos of food I’m wasting. This helps keep me accountable and the goal is I’ll become SO accountable I’ll eventually end up wasting a big ZERO!

3 simple banana recipes

The other week I shared 10 amazing banana recipes so you could reduce food waste forever. But not everybody has the time to slave over a hot stove or has much interest in baking. This week I came across three ‘no-brainer’ banana recipes, that even the most non-interested, non-gifted cook could knock up.

Share our lovely zero waste week posters!

You remember I mentioned Laura from Eco Chic Cayman? She is the talented writer, artist, blogger who created this year’s zero waste week poster. Available as a pdf, you can download and print it off, ready to pin to your nearest available community noticeboard.

Food waste Friday – Week 7

Inspired by The Frugal Girl, every week I take part in Food Waste Friday where I post up photos of food I’m wasting. This week it’s the butter fingers edition

mixed bean and quinoa hodgepodge

This is a yummy recipe-ish concoction that I threw together one day with stuff left over in the fridge, and it has become a staple in our house. It’s animal-friendly (vegan) in the way that it doesn’t use them, and it’s a complete meal. Plus, it’s flexible and easy, so if you’re a not-chef, like…

13 egg recipes to reduce food waste

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate our thriving Facebook Community. If you have a question about reducing waste in your household, pop over and ask all the friendly people for advice.

7 stonking strawberry recipes to reduce food waste

The Love Food Surrey team have discovered their residents throw away enough strawberries to cover a tennis court every week! We buy ours from a local fruit farm, but even bought fresh they go off very quickly.