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What we’re looking for

You are free to write whatever you think will be helpful; after all, you know more about dealing with waste in your country than I do! However, here are some general guidelines about what could be useful. And please respectfully, do not submit information solely to promote your own company. We have various sponsorship opportunities for advertising.

  1. Introduce the zero waste idea – explain why it’s good to keep things out of landfill
  2. Suggest a few simple tips people could do to reuse things – either base these on your own experience or use some of the following:
  • Take your own reusable bags to the shops
  • Fill your own bottle with water before you go anywhere
  • Reuse food leftovers as ingredients for another meal
  • Reuse glass food jars for storing small items
  • If you have unwanted items, take them to a charity shop or offer on Freecycle so someone else can reuse them
  • Use old envelopes to write your shopping list on
  • Use washable cloths instead of paper kitchen roll
  • Use old ice cream or margarine containers for storing food in the freezer
  • Use old yogurt pots or fruit punnets for sowing seeds
  1. Explain how people in your country can recycle things from the kerbside at home. I appreciate most countries have different facilities in different areas of the country. Is there a link you could send people to where they can find their local facilities?
  2. Explain how people in your country can recycle things when out and about – do you have big recycling centres? Again, it’s probably different all across the country, but perhaps there is a link you could share for people to discover what is available in their area.
  3. Share information on basic recycling logos in your country and how people can recycle those items.
  4. Share any links that residents of your country could go to for more information on reusing things or reducing waste. For example, in Italy there is a Facebook group for people who want to be zero waste.
  5. If you have any personal ideas on how people can reduce waste in your country, please share examples of the things you are doing – readers love to find simple tips that they can try too!
  6. Share ways in which people can reduce the amount of single-use plastic they use.

Zero waste week runs from 3-7th September, 2018 please submit your content no later than August 15th.

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