Zero Waste Week – Day five

So here we are, on our last day for Zero Waste Week 2020!

We’ve been amazed at the feedback and the level of participation this year. It goes to show, it is such an important subject. If you’ve enjoyed the daily challenges and want to go a step further towards reducing your food waste you can carry on the conversation, the learning and the fantastic money saving opportunities by joining one of Anna’s courses. Click here for details! 

Onto today’s challenge which is all about valuing our food and caring and sharing.

Sometimes, no matter how good our intentions and how clear our systems are, we are going to find we have things that we are not going to eat. This is the same all the way down the food supply chain.

But Rachelle and I truly believe that there’s a solution for everything. Fortunately we are seeing more and more entrepreneurs who are finding potential solutions and making them happen.

If you are a busy bee today and want to cut to the chase and find out what the challenge is, the 10-minute version is here, but otherwise sit, back, relax and read on.

This week, you’ve cleared out and cleaned out your fridge and created an Eat Me First shelf, so you will direct people to the right foods in order to avoid waste. This way, you’ll never again be missing that ingredient you bought specially for when you come to make a particular dish. You’ve been shopping in your freezer to make sure that never again will you not have the room to be able to freeze anything you wouldn’t get around to using by the Use By date. Now you’ll be able to bag a bargain when you see one and  you can do that all important thing of keeping your bread in the freezer.

You’ve shared a tip for better food storage, you’ve made a use it up dinner  with #LetsIgnoreBestBefore and you’ve prepared some store cupboard recipes to cut down your meal planning efforts, reduce the amount of perishable food you buy and make sure you have enough flexibility in your meal plans so you’re not wasting food if your social or work plans change.

Wow! what a week.

The Friday Feedback Challenge!

What we’d like you to do today is to look back at your achievements and tell us about them.

Have you saved some food from becoming waste? Have you cut down the amount of money you’ve spent on food? Have you found some new things that will help you waste less in the future. Today, we want feedback. Show the world you care about reducing food waste. The more people see other people caring and sharing to reduce food waste, the more they are likely to join in. So, share with us what you’ve done to make a difference!

If you’ve enjoyed sorting out your food waste but still want to do more, either to take it to the next level to reduce your food waste even further (and save money on your food shopping) or to help others to make the most of your food, then join our Facebook group, or get yourself onto one of our Zero Food Waste Heroes courses.

If you want to use your food waste reductions as an inspiration to do more towards Zero Waste living, then join our Waste Warriors course.

Above all, the take-away from the week is to buy less food! We promise this doesn’t mean we’re asking you to go on a diet or go hungry. We just want you to buy enough – just enough and to create better habits to make sure you eat what you buy.

So in addition to the Friday feedback challenge in finding a way to tell us what you’ve achieved here’s one last thing for today.

The Bonus Challenge!

This is for those of you who’ve got some food left! Let me introduce Jilly’s “picky tea” aka Rachelle’s “CORN night ” (It stands for Clear Out Refrigerator Now).

For supper tonight, get out everything you’ve got left in the fridge that is not an ingredient for a weekend or next week meal, and let everyone help themselves to whatever they fancy. Linger a little, invite friends (if you are allowed! Wow, I am so fed up with that, aren’t you?) and they can bring all the bits and pieces they have too.

My friend and colleague in another role, the comedian Helen Lederer, serves this every time I go to her house. Everything comes out onto the worktop, a pile of plates at the side, and off you go. It is like a lovely please yourself party, and you get to exercise your choice and indulge your fancies. I love it. When she came to have lunch at my house, after a gig at a local theatre, I was a little tired from hosting my sister’s 50th birthday party. I got out everything from the fridge, opened a bottle of wine, and she said: “Wow! My favourite lunch. “A bit of everything” is what she called it.

So take your pick – ‘a picky tea’, a ‘CORN night’ or ‘a bit of everything’ – get it all out get your loved ones together and chat and eat and pick and repeat.

Thank you for taking part this week. Thank you for caring and sharing.

You’ve done this, you are absolutely amazing, you are the future! Congratulate yourself and have some good, safe, low carbon fun with your nearest and dearest.  More than ever, we know who they are!







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  1. Suella Postles on September 11, 2020 at 6:46 am

    We have a local Abundance group in a nearby larger village. They are r ganized to pick and collect fruit and foods that the owners can’t manage. They also will offer gardening magazines and books. I take herbs, magazines and books as well as collect fruit we don’t grow for myself and a 90year old friend who can no longer drive.

    Thanks for Zero Waste week. Not yet sure I can manage Anna’s course, but will see.

  2. Helene Marks on September 11, 2020 at 8:31 am

    Although we already waste very little food, I’ve really enjoyed this week. However, there are other ways to use excess food. During the pandemic, (and before, and I suspect after), many organisations are providing food parcels and hot meals to those who find themselves struggling. While some can’t take fresh or chilled food , others will. It’s worth checking out Olio, a food sharing app which connects people who have food they can’t use with people who can use it . Look up for all details. Once again, thank you for a very enjoyable week. I’m looking forward to using up my rose harissa paste!

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